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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is created using two or more crowns for teeth on either side of a gap. These two or more crowns are known as the anchoring teeth, called abutment teeth. Between the abutment teeth are the false tooth or teeth between. The creates a literal bridge, hence the name. Dental bridges are anchored by either your healthy natural teeth or surgically implanted dental implants. Patients report liking dental bridges versus dentures because they are a less invasive way to replace missing teeth.

There are two main types of dental bridges that are available in various materials. There are removable bridges and permanent, meaning non-removable bridges. Our dentists, Dr. Kevin Morich and Dr. Jodi Morich, at Macadam Dental, will share your options with you and together determine which is best for you physically, for the future, and financially.

What is the most commonly used dental bridge?

The most common dental bridge is the non-removable permanent bridge. It is made from porcelain that is fused onto metal. Our patients like this bridge because it most resembles your own natural teeth. We use two dental crowns which will serve as anchors, and then cement the bridge into place. This prosthesis is very strong and durable, it should last you many years, Dr. Kevin Morich or Dr. Jodi Morich will check how your bridge is holding up during your regular checkup appointments and see if it needs to be re-cemented or replaced.

When missing one or multiple teeth, patients like having a dental bridge for the following reasons:

•  fills the gap for chewing and appearance.
•  repairs your facial shape which may be altered due to missing teeth.
•  repair any speech issues due to missing teeth.
•  prevent the nearby teeth from shifting.
•  you can forget about your bridge it is fixed in place.

What is the procedure of getting a fixed, permanent dental bridge?

With teeth that are numb, our dentists will prepare your anchoring teeth. They will need to remove enough enamel to fit a dental crown. This process will cause an irreversible change to the anchoring teeth. We will then take an impression using a mold of your teeth, this will be sent to a dental laboratory, and your bridge will be fabricated. We will have a temporary bridge available to you until your permanent one is ready.

Once your new permanent bridge is ready, our dentists at Macadam Dental, will carefully check the fit, your bite, and make adjustments as needed. We will then cement your new bridge into place. Dental bridges do eventually need to be replaced, but it should last you for several years.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about dental bridges, anchoring teeth, and how this can improve your life. Contact our Portland, OR office at: 971-337-3111
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