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Root Canal Therapy

There is a negative stigma that comes with root canals, but the public has it all wrong. Root canals, known as endodontic therapy, is a common dental procedure that we perform, not to give you pain, but actually to relieve the pain of infection.

When bacteria has reached the root of your tooth, infection sets in, and this is a painful problem, and it is one that you can not ignore, one of two things need to occur, either a root canal procedure or extraction. Infection started due to some sort of passage that allowed bacteria to go inside the tooth, it may be from cracks or fractures, large fillings, crowns, trauma, and most often decay that has extended to the inside of a tooth. The process is important because it allows us to save a tooth that would otherwise require extraction.

The most common reasons for root canal therapy include:

•  decay has allowed the pulp of the tooth to become infected.
•  an abscess, may resemble a pimple along your gums, has developed.
•  your tooth was injured through impact.
•  your tooth has been worn due to nail biting or teeth grinding.

At Macadam Dental, we believe that root canals are the treatment of choice to save a tooth. Extraction will lead to future problems, it is best to save your natural tooth structure whenever possible.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Pain inside of a tooth is an indication that the nerve is infected. We can save the tooth and relieve the pain. Dr. Kevin Morich and Dr. Jodi Morich will remove the pulp, nerves, bacteria, and any decay. He will fill the now empty space with a medicated rubber material. Once your teeth are full grown your tooth no longer needs the pulp or nerves. Following this cleaning of the root, your tooth has been weakened. We may recommend a crown to cap your tooth allowing you to resume normal function.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about relieving the pain of infection and how a root canal is best versus extraction. Contact our Portland, OR office at: 971-337-3111
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