We are now Re-open for Routine and Preventative Care!

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Family Care

Drs. Kevin and Jodi Morich specialize in creating a comforting environment for each patient. Moreover, they prioritize transparency in services and utilize progressive technology. Furthermore, our dentists’ combined experience makes Macadam Dental a perfect place for family and pediatric care.

In addition, visiting Macadam Dental twice a year for regular cleanings will help us identify problems when they are small or even hidden. As a result, this will save you time and money in the long run.

Why are dental cleanings important for my health?

  • reducing the possibility of cavities by removing the bacteria found in plaque and calculus
  • removal of plaque and calculus that contribute to gum disease and bad breath
  • removal of surface stains helping to whiten your smile
  • preventive evaluation which allows us to find small cavities or initial signs of gum disease

What are you looking for during a dental exam?

  • tooth decay
  • gum disease, including puffy, red gums that bleed easily
  • gum health by measuring and tracking your gum pockets
  • hidden problems that can be seen with routine dental X-rays
  • during every routine dental cleaning, we complete a comprehensive oral cancer screening

Pediatric Care

Dr. Jodi Morich is a general dentist with extensive experience in pediatric care. Firstly, she has over 9 years of working with a pediatric dentist who practiced alternative methods in creating an atmosphere where children feel autonomous in making decisions concerning their dental health.

Furthermore, we believe in making kids feel comfortable at appointments and developing a trusting relationship where kids feel positive about coming to the dentist. Additionally, together with our specially trained hygienists, we teach your child the fundamentals of oral health at a young age, including proper hygiene and healthy snacking.

Here at Macadam Dental, we understand that children have different needs, so we created an exam room with them in mind. With specially designed chairs and a bright, fun interior, your kids will love visiting us.

In addition to a comfortable environment, we have a therapy dog named Maggie. She is great at reducing stress levels and anxiety. Maggie is here to provide comfort during cleanings, exams, and procedures. Moreover, feel free to request her and she will happily accompany you during your next visit.

Maggie always puts a smile on our faces, so we hope she does the same for you. However, while most people love seeing Maggie, we understand if you have allergies or have a fear of dogs. If this is the case, Maggie will be sent to an area with a doggie bed — the same place where she naps when the dental team members are on their lunch break.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about dental cleanings or exams. Feel free to contact our office at 503.243.6111.